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Retreat Camp

Celebi Garden is your ideal choice for hosting intimate retreat camps.

Escape the hustle, embrace your inner circle, and soak in the natural wonders of Mehmetcik Village—valley, sea, farms, and delightful local cuisine await! 🌿🏞️ #CelebiGarden #RetreatEscape


Group Accommodation

Indulge in the charm of Celebi Garden Hotel, boasting 28 bedrooms with two distinct options: the cozy Double Room and the spacious Family Room.


Enjoy breathtaking valley views, capturing both sunrise and sunset. With our accommodations, we can host up to 84 people for an unforgettable stay.

🌅✨ #CelebiGarden #ValleyViews


Open Space

Discover Celebi Garden, nestled in a picturesque valley view. Ideal for bonding with your group and hosting invigorating open-air yoga sessions. Rediscover your motivation in this perfect retreat setting. 🌿🌄 #CelebiGarden #RetreatVenue


Close Space

Unlock the perfect space for your motivational seminars at Celebi Garden. Our versatile room is at your disposal, fully equipped with a projector, microphone, speaker, whiteboard, and all essential meeting materials. We're here to make your event seamless! 🌟🎤 #CelebiGarden #EventVenue

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